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Interview with Menoevil

I decided to make an interviews with my favorite photographers. To promote their work and to find out who they really are =)
Thank you Inane for agreeing to this interview....

Hello. Please introduce yourself.

Hi! I am Sureeyapon Sri-ampai, you may call me “Inane” for short. I am Thai and I was born in 1976. Bangkok is my hometown. I got Bachelor of Fine Arts in major of Photography. For more information >> About me

When did you first become interested in photography? Do you work as a professional photographer or is it just your hobby?

I started out doing photography when I was 15. I was inspired by a girl who made me wanted to take her a good photo, that’s it! In 1994, I decided to study in photography. After I got the degree, I was a photographer as my permanent job for 3 years then turned to freelance photographer until now. To me, photography means my serious hobby as well as my occupation.

Do you try to create, display or express something special with your photos?

Let me know first, what did you see in my work? (i think there is always big emphasis on atmosphere... your photos have some "special mood" which really attracts me...) Every photo is different, of course, it depends on emotion, thought and what I feel at the moment. Moreover, it including to my experiences that come with my age. I can state that everything you see in my works, they are what I am, whether they were created by my intension or not. I was not trying to create something difference from others. Because of I have realized that modernism age has been growth rapidly. My work just represents what I want it to be.

What type of photographs do you enjoy taking the most? Why did you chose B/W photographs in square format?

You may notice that in my gallery contains variety styles of photography. You may find from a little lovely flower, landscape, portrait or conceptual work that someone said to me “What such a scary!”

I rarely have color photo, this certainly means I am not that much prefer them. Mostly, my works are Black & White or Monochrome because I think B&W has a far deeper emotional quality that I want it to be. They are charming themselves, driving me to another world, the world of photography.

Why I prefer square format? Honestly, I don’t know either. When I was in photography school that I had to print my works from 6X6 film format, I was always crop it to other scale. That’s so funny when I think about it. But recently, I’m crushed on this format though I didn’t take the photo in 1:1 scale.Maybe this is my perfect format and suited me.
(By the way, I didn’t ignore other format. Nothing are fixed in my works)

Have you been inspired by any particular artists/photographers?

I give my admiration to many of famous photographers. But my inspiration not only comes from them. I was inspired by the young talent teenagers also. At least, you can find them in deviantArt community. As well as everything surrounding me is my inspiration, what I want to say to you are “Never ever thinking to stop learning”.

What sort of equipment and software do you use? What is your opinion on post-processing?

Mostly, I work with Canon 450d and Contax 167MT because they’re what I have. If I want to work with large format or medium format, then I will borrow it from my friends or my teachers. About software usage, I’m familiar to Photoshop because it’s only one photo editing software that I use.

As I told you lately, I have not much color photo that may because of I don’t like something too much realistic. I think it’s boring to see everyday color reality. If I want to do my work in color, I don’t care whether shade of the model’s skin is correct or not. Because what I focus to my work is the story and emotion the most.

As I enjoy to do photo editing on my works, so post-processing is not something new to me.
Actually, we did it for a while in the dark room, right?

In the digital times, everything seems to be very easy. The main point is how we use it?
This is a kind of presentation or you just do it perfunctorily, after that you will lose the way of photography unintentionally.

What do you do in personal life?

Most of the time, I’m always at my home as I told you I’m a freelancer. Sometimes I work for my clients in e-Learning business as a narrator, having photography class, printing design as well as staying with my best friend “Jingdi” (my Jack Russell Terrier)

What are your plans or visions for your future?

Firstly, I have to let you know that I decided to work in photography seriously again since I started joining dA and promising myself to devote my life for photography.

The reason of this because of >> mamazmeilor, she taught me to know what is the word “Support” means.
She raised me up from the deepest hole and the kindness from somebody that didn’t want me to reveal her name. And absolutely to all of my friends here, I’m really appreciated.

If you’ve looked over my profile already, in the exhibition list, you may notice that my latest exhibition was in 2001. After that I took far off my camera about 4-5 years because I was discouraged by very few number of visitors who are really interested in, moreover they only one group of people who intend to visit the kind of exhibition.

This is very important problem to photography profession in Thailand - here we are lack of knowledge in photography historical besides we have no any support from people in the country enough.

Although I saw many good Thai photographers but they were ignored and have no chance to do more.

Presently, I’ve returned to Thailand photography profession again, surprisingly my works have been consent in good feedback.
I’m going to open a photography school in shortly. I will be trying to pass on all of my knowledge and express them how important in the art of photography to young photographers which is the essential point that I’ve never seen in any photography school. My desirability is to be a part to support the development of photography profession in Thailand. Though it is very tough way to go but it was my wildest dream and I’m chasing for it.

One more of my dream, I wish I will have a few chance to exhibit my works outside the country. It will be great if I can join in international level.

By the way, I’m now reviewing my thought that is it necessary to do an exhibition or not? In term of we are now in the times that any people can reach after the art easily.

Contact: Sureeyapon Sri-ampai